How To Wear Dangling Earrings

November 07, 2018

Just like hoops, dangling earrings are the style not every woman dares to wear. This style is adored by some, but is generally considered to be "not for everyone".

As the myth does, it takes a confident fashionista with a distinct style or a special event to pull this style off. There are plenty of women out there that have never even tried to wear dangling earrings. The most popular reasons are "they don't suit me" or "they are too much". 

At La Costa, we believe that every style can be worn with taste, as long as you know how to wear it. 

Without further ado, we are going to show you some examples of dangling earring and show you the most appropriate ways to wear them, so that you can rock your pair with confidence!

Crystal Grand Loop Leaf Gem Earrings

This type of dangling earring features a long loop and a dangling stone pendant at the end. These earrings will best suit oval, square and oblong face shapes. While all dangling earrings would be perfect to compliment an evening gown or a cocktail dress, this particular style can also add some sparkle to a casual outfit. When dressing for an upscale Sunday brunch or a classic weekday lunch, these earrings will look great with a sun dress or even a pair of chic ripped jeans.  

 Square Gala Earrings

It's easy to associate this style with black-tie galas and socialite events, as everything about it screams glamour. These earrings are perfect for those who love to be noticed. It is rare to find a pair that will get you more compliments than this one.

This style features a square stud with a dangling brilliant connector ball and a tear shaped stone. The Swarovski crystals naturally will catch and reflect every ray of light and that is exactly what would make these earrings perfect for a candlelit dinner or an evening charity ball. You just know that they will stand out anywhere you go. 

 Tear Gem Drop Earrings

This style is similar to the style above since it also has a stud, yet it is also very different. The absence of the crystal connector ball makes this earring a chic, yet more casual choice and will suit ladies who are not normally a dangling earring wearers. This style and shape will look great on most face shapes and is a great "dangling earring starter" style. Wear these earrings for a night out on the town or to dress up your favorite outfit. 

Dangling earrings are not reserved to a specific group of women with special style or facial features. Almost anyone can pull them off, as long as color, shape, length and the occasion are taken into consideration. 

Jewelry is a special accessory. It can add sparkle to an outfit, boost a mood or highlight facial features. 

You may think of jewelry as a final touch to a perfect outfit, but actually, there's a lot more your jewelry choices can say about you than just your sense of style. Jewelry is one of the main accessories for women and different personalities tend to gravitate toward different stones, styles and colors. 

Let's review what certain jewelry types can say about their wearer.  

Statement Pieces. 

Statement pieces do not need introduction. A big brilliant ring, a multi chain necklace with large pendant or a pair of sparkly dangling earrings are all considered as statement pieces and they do what their name implies: make a statement and create a memory. It is hard to wear a piece like that and not be noticed. With that in mind, statement pieces are usually worn by women who are confident and who are not afraid to be seen. 

Women who opt out for rings with large stones tend to be ambitious, self-confident and know what they want from life. 

Women who love big earrings are smart, independent and appreciate style.

Those who can be spotted wearing a big necklace more often than not are fun, active and very social. 

Dainty Pieces. 

Delicate chains, filigree and pretty details are all attributes of a dainty piece. 

The wearers of this type of jewelry are romantic, loving and very feminine. They appreciate nature and have an open, kind heart. 

Shiny, Brilliant Pieces. 

A woman who opts out for brilliance in her jewelry is the life of the party. She has a big smile and an even bigger personality. She knows her worth and is very outgoing and open-minded. She is dazzlingly brilliant not only in her jewelry choices, but also, in her life choices. 

Classic Pieces. 

Some jewelry pieces, such as studs or tennis bracelet are simple, classic and can be found worn by women who appreciate class, tradition and timeless chic. These women tend to be calm, confident and always have a plan. 

Green Chrysoprase. Poland

January 12, 2018

As we are continuing to feature the gemstones in La Costa collection, this blog post will be dedicated to Green Chrysoprase. This stone comes from Poland. It has a matte, smooth texture and a beautiful sea foam green color. It is said to be a "Prosperous" stone that attracts prosperity and promotes joy and happiness.

Lapis Lazuli is a semi precious gemstone from Chile. It is a gorgeous deep blue stone that symbolizes royalty and honor, power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. Lapis Lazuli is rich and luxurious that appeals to many celebrity stones such as Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and Blake Lively. Live Confident, wear Lapis Lazuli!

Spiritual Meaning of Gemstones

November 28, 2017

When Marilyn Monroe sang that "Diamonds are girl's best friends", she forgot to mention that about gemstones. Stones, such as Persian Turquoise, White Quartz, Onyx and many others are not only beautiful additions to outfits you wear but also can be healers and spiritual guides. There are 13 different gemstones in La Costa collection presented across the collection and all have unique spiritual qualities. Soraya Thornton, owner and designer of the line, has hand selected each of the stones that she is now working with when creating her beautiful jewelry pieces. 

Some of the most prominent and well known stones are White Quartz, White Opal, Onyx and Baroque Pearl. White Quartz provides energy, White Opal is known for bringing Good Karma, Baroque Pearl, for bringing peace and Onyx is known for bringing power. 

In our tech-obsessed world, where stress levels are rising by the minute, these healing gemstones can help soothe the soul and restore energy. Many crystal healing practitioners suggest carrying these stones around with you throughout the day and what a better way to do that then in a form of beautiful jewelry. 

Practitioners also suggest placing gemstones around the house to improve the energy. Healing gemstones, however cannot be used as a form of medicine in any way. They cannot replace your subscription or a visit to the doctor, but they can and will improve the mood, the attitude and the outlook. 

As mentioned before, different stones have different spiritual properties. When buying, it is important to know what qualities you are looking for and what spiritual improvements you are looking to make within yourself. 

Jewelry is a fashion accessories that can turn an ordinary outfit into something special. With the right jewelry piece, even the most casual outfit can look stylish. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings add sparkle and a touch of glamour.....

As fun as it is to accessorize with jewelry, sometimes we find ourselves in a so-called jewelry rut. Do you ever find yourself rotating between the same two pairs of earrings or never seem to find use for that new fancy ring you bought? 

Fortunately, it is easy to change your accessorizing habits and get exited about jewelry again. These tips will help you do just that:

1. Don't worry about matching

Usually, when you wear a necklace or a bracelet, you tend to reach for earrings or a ring that came in the set, so that everything matches. While you certainly can keep it that way, you really don't have to. It is very eye catching and exciting to mix and match jewelry from different sets, styles and/or shapes. Light stones can look great with other light stones and do not have to match exactly. For example, you can wear tear shaped earrings with a round ring, or White Quartz earrings with White Opal ring, or full crystal hematite earrings with Onyx necklace. These are just a few examples, so go ahead and have fun mixing and matching your jewelry!

2. Make a statement

Certain types of necklaces can make heads turn. So can rings, bracelets and earrings. Statement pieces are usually big, bold, bright, and/or out-of-the-ordinary. They highlight your confidence, radiance and demand attention. These pieces are better to be worn alone or with other, less noticeable pieces. For example, large drop earrings attract a lot of attention and may be your only statement piece. As a general rule, don't be afraid to wear statement pieces with casual outfits: they will add pizzazz to your look and showcase your personal style. 

3. Accent your arms

Whether you choose to wear a wide cuff or layer bangles, bracelets are one way to add extra glamour to your personal style, outfit or to lift up your spirits. They will give your style personality and if interesting enough, may be the conversation piece. 

Nothing makes an impression like a jewelry. Big or small, precious or not, jewelry always brightens the mood. So, don't hesitate and start enjoy your pieces like never before!

One of the main inspirations for La Costa Organic Jewelry is to empower women.  We do this by curating semi-precious gemstones that are known for their positive energy and healing properties. Each stone used in the collection is hand selected. 

A popular La Costa stone is Persian Turquoise. It is recognized for its unique marbled etched appearance, and its magical healing properties. Its use for protection and healing dates back to 600 BC, Egypt, where it was commonly used in amulets.

Women now look to La Costa for gorgeous Persian Turquoise to enhance their natural radiance and beauty and to take advantage of its spiritual and metaphysical properties. 

Speaking of uniqueness, Persian Turquoise ranges from blues to greens, with tan to deep brown etched-like designs. No two pieces are the same, each uniquely calls their owner. It is a fascinating, alluring stone that captures your attention. 

In the metaphysical world, it's healing properties are known to be one of the most effective and efficient. Turquoise is believed to enhance the communication between physical and spiritual world by increasing intuition and allowing the soul to express itself freely and naturally. Since Turquoise radiates positive energy, it is ideal for helping you through adversity. It purifies energy around you, turning negatives into positives, that's why we affectionately call it "Protective" Persian Turquoise. Wearing this beautiful stone is meant to protect, heal and purify. We hope you enjoy and benefit from La Costa's Protective Persian Turquoise as much as you will radiate positive energy and beauty!

La Costa Inspiration

October 20, 2017

La Costa Organic Jewelry is most known for it's Vitality Collection offering innovative designs, au naturel gemstones, precious metals and brilliant Swarovski certified crystals. It blends feminine yet bold and versatile styles.

"The idea behind this line was to marry rugged, yet energizing natural stones, such as Protective Persian Turquoise with something as feminine and glamorous as Swarovski crystals", says Soraya. Femininity, however, was not the only thing that owner and designer really strove for when working on her line. Pieces that make a statement and convey confidence while being unique and natural, are a primary goal. Soraya's main inspiration was a woman who is confident, strong, soft and feminine at the same time. "These are all the things that a woman should strive for and my line is there to inspire and to empower them to do just that", says Soraya.                                                                      

While style is a crucial element, the line also puts a lot of emphasis on quality. Every piece is made by hand under the strict supervision of a DeBeer's certified jeweler, who is an anointed National Living Treasure of Istanbul, famous for his diamond and precious jewelry designs created in his 30 year career. Even though La Costa does not classify itself as a fine jewelry line but maintain that level of craftsmanship and the artistry.

Soraya has always been very creative and making art in the form of jewels has been one of her special dreams. "I wanted to create this collection for many years, so when the time came, I wanted to make it as pure as possible".  Hence, the line is organic and uses the stones in the way that they come from mother nature... untouched and unrefined.  The ideal is creating radiance and exuding positive energy. It is about the amazing synergy created between the brilliance of the one-of-a-kind gemstone piece and the unique inner and outer beauty of the wearer.  It's all about how the piece makes the woman feel and how it elevates the mood around her. According to the designer, nothing makes her happier than seeing her customers joyful, confident and radiant.