• La Costa Organic Jewelry is committed to making a lasting impact on charitable causes. We proudly dedicate a 10-10-10 Philosophy. 10% of our products, 10% of our profits, and 10% of our time to support charitable initiatives.
  • 10% of Products: When you choose La Costa Organic Jewelry, you can be assured that a portion of your purchase directly contributes to charitable causes.
  • 10% of Profits: We believe that profits should not only benefit our business but also create positive change in the world. That's why we commit 10% of our profits to support charitable organizations and projects.
  • 10% of Time: At La Costa Organic Jewelry, we understand the value of hands-on involvement. We dedicate 10% of our time to actively engaging in volunteer work and collaborating with charitable organizations.
  • Our commitment to dedicating 10% of products, 10% of profits, and 10% of the time to charity ensures that giving back remains an integral part of our business model. We believe that by incorporating philanthropy into our everyday operations, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and the betterment of our society.

At La Costa Organic Jewelry, we believe that true beauty goes beyond the aesthetics of our handcrafted pieces. We are dedicated to creating a positive impact on the world around us by giving back to the communities we serve.

  • Empowering Artisans and Communities
    We firmly believe in the power of craftsmanship and the difference it can make in the lives of artisans and their communities. When you choose La Costa Organic Jewelry, you are not only wearing a unique piece of art, but also supporting ethical practices and empowering artisans worldwide.
  • Environmental Conservation
    Protecting our planet is at the core of our values. Through our charity initiatives, we contribute to environmental conservation efforts., helping to create a more sustainable and beautiful world for future generations.
  • Supporting Social Causes
    We believe in promoting social justice and equality for all. We partner with nonprofit organizations that work tirelessly to provide access to quality education, healthcare facilities, and vocational training

By purchasing our jewelry, you play an integral role in supporting these important causes, uplifting communities, and giving individuals a chance to thrive.

We are honored to have you as a part of our journey, and together, we can continue to make a meaningful impact in the world. With each purchase, you not only receive a unique piece of jewelry but also become a catalyst for change. Join us and let's make a difference together!

At La Costa Organic Jewelry, we are proud to share that our charitable contributions have exceeded $300,000 over the past 10 years.

These contributions have been instrumental in supporting organizations such:
  • Big Dog Ranch Rescue
  • Forty Carrots
  • Moms for America
  • Hearts for Moms
  • National Humane Society
  • Cancer Research.
These partnerships have allowed us to make a significant impact on animal welfare, early childhood development, maternal support, national advocacy, humane treatment, and vital cancer research
We are grateful for the trust and support people have placed in us,
which has enabled us to contribute to these worthy causes. Their purchases have played a crucial role in helping us reach this milestone, and we remain committed to continuing our philanthropic efforts to make a positive difference in the world.

Charity Events

At La Costa Organic Jewelry, we are proud to support a diverse range of charitable organizations that align with our values and goals:

  • National Humane Society
    As part of our commitment to animal welfare, we partner with the National Humane Society. This esteemed organization works towards ending animal cruelty, protecting wildlife, and promoting responsible pet ownership. Our contributions aid their efforts to create a more compassionate world for animals.
  • Moms for America
    We strongly believe in the power of women's voices and the crucial role that mothers play in society. Moms for America is an advocacy group that empowers mothers to engage in civic and political processes to promote family values, education, and the well-being of children. We proudly support their mission to amplify the voices of mothers across the nation.
  • Big Dog Ranch Rescue
    We believe in the welfare and protection of animals, which is why we support Big Dog Ranch Rescue. This organization works tirelessly to provide shelter, care, and adoption services for abandoned and abused dogs, giving them a chance at a loving forever home.
  • Cancer Research
    We understand the impact that cancer has on individuals and their families. By supporting cancer research organizations, we contribute to the ongoing fight against this devastating disease. Our contributions help fund research initiatives aimed at finding improved treatments, early detection methods, and ultimately, a cure for cancer.
  • Hearts for Moms
    Supporting maternal health and well-being is close to our hearts. Hearts for Moms is an organization dedicated to providing support, resources, and education to mothers facing medical challenges during pregnancy and childbirth. We contribute to their efforts to ensure that every mother receives the care and assistance she needs for a healthy and positive childbirth experience.