Introducing the Gloriously Romantic Semi Circle Collection

The beauty of the semicircle collection is appreciated for its elegance and sophistication.
Whether in necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, these infallible accessories are perfect for classic styles with a daring touch, and their combination with Swarovski TM crystals placed one by one by luxury master jewelers, highlight their beauty and exclusivity.
The semicircle-shaped necklaces are striking pieces that stand out in a subtle and elegant way, and La Costa offers an asymmetrical drop model and another in the form of a waterfall, which are dreamlike.
La Costa Organic Jewelry Semi Circle Earrings & Semi Circle Bracelet Crystal & Gold
They can be used on both formal and casual occasions, and their timeless design makes them a safe choice for any event.
Semicircular earrings are an excellent option to frame the face and add a touch of class to any look. Whether in their minimalist version or in more elaborate cascading designs, these accessories are a unique and sophisticated form of expression.
Semicircle-shaped rings are an elegant way to highlight the natural and feminine line of your hands, and add a touch of glamor to any outfit. In addition, their versatility allows them to be combined with other rings, creating unique and personalized combinations.
La Costa Organic Jewelry Semi Circle Ring and Semi Circle Cascade Necklace Crystal Gold
Semicircular bracelets are a way to wear elegance and sophistication with their bold and eye-catching design, these accessories highlight an often underrated area of ​​the body. Semicircular bracelets are always a wise choice.
La Costa Organic Jewelry Semi Circle Earrings Dark Pink / Gold Semi Circle Y Necklace Dark Rose/Pink
Whether in gold for a more classic look, in black for a superb and mysterious style or pink for a romantic style, this new collection adapts to any preference and personality, guaranteeing a beautiful, feminine and definitely elegant look.

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