Your Private Label in 4 Easy Risk-Free Steps


We design a charm based on your logo


We create sample for your approval


Order 20 pieces for approx. $50 each


Sell them at approx. $200

You earn 75% Profit!

Private Label Examples

Heart for Moms

Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Hard Rock

Private label jewelry offers a world of possibilities for your business

Here's how you can leverage custom jewelry to elevate your brand and relationships

Charity Fundraiser

Companies may collaborate for charitable causes, creating unique jewelry items for charity events or auctions.

Enhance Brand Image

Customized luxury jewelry can elevate a company’s brand image, portraying them as sophisticated and exclusive

Corporate Gifting

Exquisite jewelry pieces make for impressive corporate gifts, reinforcing relationships with clients, partners, or employees.

Employee Recognition

Recognizing top-performing employees with custom jewelry as a sign of appreciation and achievement.

Limited Edition Collections

Creating exclusive, limited edition jewelry collections for special occasions or anniversaries within the company

Brand Promotion

Custom jewelry can be used to promote the brand itself, either as part of marketing campaigns or for key brand ambassadors.

Events and Celebrations

Designing jewelry for company milestones, anniversaries, or special events to commemorate and celebrate the occasion

Incentive Programs

Offering luxury jewelry as part of incentive programs to motivate sales teams or reward loyalty.

Exclusive Partnerships

Collaborating with luxury jewelry brands for limited-time partnerships or co-branded collections.

Employee Milestones

Recognizing long-term employees by gifting them personalized jewelry items for their dedication.

Corporate Events

Creating custom jewelry pieces as part of corporate events or conferences to foster a sense of unity and belonging among attendees.

Branded Uniform Accessories

Designing jewelry to complement and enhance company uniforms, adding a touch of elegance and unity to the dress code.

Loyalty Programs

Using exclusive jewelry items as rewards within customer loyalty programs to incentivize repeat business.

Client Appreciation

Expressing gratitude to high-value clients with personalized luxury jewelry pieces

Product Launches

Introducing new products with limited-edition jewelry collections, enhancing the allure of the launch

Experiential Marketing

Using custom jewelry as part of experiential marketing campaigns or interactive brand experiences

VIP Clients

Designing unique pieces for VIP clients or partners, reinforcing the exclusivity of the business relationship.

Private label jewelry is the ultimate choice for a multitude of occasions, offering a versatile way to enhance your brand image, foster relationships, recognize achievements, and more.

these customizable pieces are not just accessories; they're powerful tools to elevate your business and make every moment shine.

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