Your Private Label in 4 Easy Risk-Free Steps


Share your logo and key brand images $399 Deposit


We sketch design based on your brand, style and cost considerations


CAD model for approval then Physical Sample with final pricing $75 avg. price target


25 piece min. order approx. $199 SRP

You earn 165% Mark-up!
Private label jewelry is the ultimate choice for a multitude of occasions, offering a versatile way to enhance your brand image, foster relationships, recognize achievements, and more.
These customizable pieces are not just accessories; they're powerful tools to elevate your business and make every moment shine.

Private Label Collections

Heart for Moms

Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Hard Rock

Private label jewelry offers a world of possibilities for your business

Here's how you can leverage custom jewelry to elevate your brand and relationships

Enhance Brand Image:

Elevate your brand with high-quality jewelry that impeccably showcases your unique identity.

Charitable Initiatives:

Craft exclusive jewelry items for charitable causes, adding a touch of elegance to charity events and auctions. Partner with us to raise funds for impactful charitable donations.

Events and Celebrations:

Commemorate company milestones, anniversaries, and special events with custom-designed jewelry. Our exquisite pieces also serve as impressive corporate gifts, reinforcing relationships with clients, partners, or employees.

Client Appreciation:

Recognizing top-performing employees with custom jewelry as a sign of appreciation and achievement.

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