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Felicé Happy Jewelry

Happy and Heartfelt Jewelry that speaks to your Interests and Passions
Butterfly Necklaces, Bee Earrings, Paw Print Ring, Turtle, Tennis, and Golf Pendants and More! 
Perfect gifts for your Besties and You!
Handset with Swarovski crystals, Sterling Silver and 18K to 24K Gold dipped. 
La Costa creations are handmade by Fine Jewelers, as a result, carat weight and stone quantities may differ slightly from one creation to the next.

Spade Medallion Charm

$ 299.00

USA Medallion Charm

$ 299.00

Love Game Tennis Charm

$ 129.00

PARfect Golf Charm

$ 129.00

Spade Charm

$ 129.00

Spade Bangle Bracelet

$ 289.00

BEEutiful Ring

$ 279.00