What is Travel Jewelry and Who needs it?

What is Travel Jewelry and Who needs it?

Travel Jewelry is for the modern woman who travels often on business and/or pleasure and doesn't want to worry about losing or damaging her precious gemstone, diamond, solid gold and platinum jewelry, but still look her very best.

A handful of jewelers make pieces specifically designed for travelers, so you may be safe, without concern, yet be in style. La Costa jewelry is brimming in brilliance with Swarovski crystals, natural semi-precious gemstones, and 18k-24k Gold dipped solid core Sterling Silver.  It looks like you’ve spent thousands as each piece is meticulously handcrafted by fine jewelers. La Costa takes Travel Jewelry even a step further, by creating designs that convert into different styles and/or colorways.  Many pieces can be worn casually for day wear and then transition into a more glamorous style for evening wear. This makes packing a breeze, worry free and quite cost effective. 

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