What Does Your Jewelry Say About You?

What Does Your Jewelry Say About You?

Jewelry is a special accessory. It can add sparkle to an outfit, boost a mood or highlight facial features. 

You may think of jewelry as a final touch to a perfect outfit, but actually, there's a lot more your jewelry choices can say about you than just your sense of style. Jewelry is one of the main accessories for women and different personalities tend to gravitate toward different stones, styles and colors. 

Let's review what certain jewelry types can say about their wearer.  

Statement Pieces. 

Statement pieces do not need introduction. A big brilliant ring, a multi chain necklace with large pendant or a pair of sparkly dangling earrings are all considered as statement pieces and they do what their name implies: make a statement and create a memory. It is hard to wear a piece like that and not be noticed. With that in mind, statement pieces are usually worn by women who are confident and who are not afraid to be seen. 

Women who opt out for rings with large stones tend to be ambitious, self-confident and know what they want from life. 

Women who love big earrings are smart, independent and appreciate style.

Those who can be spotted wearing a big necklace more often than not are fun, active and very social. 

Dainty Pieces. 

Delicate chains, filigree and pretty details are all attributes of a dainty piece. 

The wearers of this type of jewelry are romantic, loving and very feminine. They appreciate nature and have an open, kind heart. 

Shiny, Brilliant Pieces. 

A woman who opts out for brilliance in her jewelry is the life of the party. She has a big smile and an even bigger personality. She knows her worth and is very outgoing and open-minded. She is dazzlingly brilliant not only in her jewelry choices, but also, in her life choices. 

Classic Pieces. 

Some jewelry pieces, such as studs or tennis bracelet are simple, classic and can be found worn by women who appreciate class, tradition and timeless chic. These women tend to be calm, confident and always have a plan. 

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