"Protective" Persian Turquoise ... Allures and Purifies

"Protective" Persian Turquoise ... Allures and Purifies

One of the main inspirations for La Costa Organic Jewelry is to empower women.  We do this by curating semi-precious gemstones that are known for their positive energy and healing properties. Each stone used in the collection is hand selected. 

A popular La Costa stone is Persian Turquoise. It is recognized for its unique marbled etched appearance, and its magical healing properties. Its use for protection and healing dates back to 600 BC, Egypt, where it was commonly used in amulets.

Women now look to La Costa for gorgeous Persian Turquoise to enhance their natural radiance and beauty and to take advantage of its spiritual and metaphysical properties. 

Speaking of uniqueness, Persian Turquoise ranges from blues to greens, with tan to deep brown etched-like designs. No two pieces are the same, each uniquely calls their owner. It is a fascinating, alluring stone that captures your attention. 

In the metaphysical world, it's healing properties are known to be one of the most effective and efficient. Turquoise is believed to enhance the communication between physical and spiritual world by increasing intuition and allowing the soul to express itself freely and naturally. Since Turquoise radiates positive energy, it is ideal for helping you through adversity. It purifies energy around you, turning negatives into positives, that's why we affectionately call it "Protective" Persian Turquoise. Wearing this beautiful stone is meant to protect, heal and purify. We hope you enjoy and benefit from La Costa's Protective Persian Turquoise as much as you will radiate positive energy and beauty!

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