La Costa Inspiration

La Costa Inspiration

La Costa Organic Jewelry is most known for it's Vitality Collection offering innovative designs, au naturel gemstones, precious metals and brilliant Swarovski certified crystals. It blends feminine yet bold and versatile styles.

"The idea behind this line was to marry rugged, yet energizing natural stones, such as Protective Persian Turquoise with something as feminine and glamorous as Swarovski crystals", says Soraya. Femininity, however, was not the only thing that owner and designer really strove for when working on her line. Pieces that make a statement and convey confidence while being unique and natural, are a primary goal. Soraya's main inspiration was a woman who is confident, strong, soft and feminine at the same time. "These are all the things that a woman should strive for and my line is there to inspire and to empower them to do just that", says Soraya.                                                                      

While style is a crucial element, the line also puts a lot of emphasis on quality. Every piece is made by hand under the strict supervision of a DeBeer's certified jeweler, who is an anointed National Living Treasure of Istanbul, famous for his diamond and precious jewelry designs created in his 30 year career. Even though La Costa does not classify itself as a fine jewelry line but maintain that level of craftsmanship and the artistry.

Soraya has always been very creative and making art in the form of jewels has been one of her special dreams. "I wanted to create this collection for many years, so when the time came, I wanted to make it as pure as possible".  Hence, the line is organic and uses the stones in the way that they come from mother nature... untouched and unrefined.  The ideal is creating radiance and exuding positive energy. It is about the amazing synergy created between the brilliance of the one-of-a-kind gemstone piece and the unique inner and outer beauty of the wearer.  It's all about how the piece makes the woman feel and how it elevates the mood around her. According to the designer, nothing makes her happier than seeing her customers joyful, confident and radiant. 

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