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La Costa Applauds Mother Nature, The Ultimate Artist

La Costa Applauds Mother Nature, The Ultimate Artist
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La Costa gemstones are responsibly sourced from exotic lands throughout the world, from South African White Quartz, Canadian Labradorite, Polish Green Chrysoprase, to Colombian Raw Emeralds. Each stone possesses special energies and because they are all created by Mother Nature they each have their own unique personality.  We select and carefully hand cut each stone to enhance its beauty and special characteristics.  That’s why when you find a piece or particular gemstone that appeals to you, take advantage and make it yours! Each is as unique as you, where none are ever exactly alike. We believe that Mother Nature is the ultimate artist, so we humbly highlight their beauty but don’t try to recreate or mask it.  This is why we never color, heat or chemically alter our stones.  Each gemstone is perfectly gorgeous in their own right. 


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