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Help Small Business Thrive

Help Small Business Thrive
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During trying periods like this, your support of small business makes a HUGE impact not only on the overall viability of the merchant but the people who work so hard to offer you something truly different and special.  Together we can make the difference in saving our boutiques and specialized shops. Here are some ideas:

  • Buy Gift Cards now for later: This will help business now and get you ultra ready for your next present.  

  • Consider Small before Big: Small businesses have less resources and recourse than the big guys. Let’s keep the American Dream alive and support the little guys! 

  • Support Social Business: Many small businesses align with local and national charities to give back and help the less fortunate prosper. When you buy La Costa, you support our 10-10-10 Initiative which gives a minimum of 10% of our time, profits and products to supporting charities. To date, we have donated over $250,000. Help us help others, such as Animal Rescue, Cancer Research and Family Support. 

  • Give a 5 Star Review: During this time of social distancing, ratings are more important than ever, as consumers rely on your comments to determine whether or not to buy. La Costa has a Perfect 5 Star review!  Help us grow our base by taking 2 minutes to share what you love most about us!

  • Stay Positive and SMILE: We need to support and stick together now more than ever.  Your energy carries a lot of power and makes a difference to small businesses, as we are your neighbors! 

  • Shop Small Online: Why buy something ordinary when you can buy something extraordinary?  Let’s reward ourselves and small businesses that go over and beyond to offer exceptional products and service. 

  • Relax and Embrace Down Time: Once our world gets somewhat back to normal, you will once again be rushed and dreaming about your next day off.  Relax in the tub, play a board game, take a long walk or bicycle ride.  Enjoy the state of relaxation you have while on vacation and whatever you do, don’t worry!  God will take care of you as he always has and always will.


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