Energize Your Style with White Quartz

Energize Your Style with White Quartz

When we design jewelry we always think about details that will reflect the style and a fresh interpretation of glamour. We love using gemstones, they make you appreciate the natural beauty with delicate styling that will express a bold feminine spirit. The hand-selected semi-precious gemstones we use, radiate light, dimension, and color through their unique style and shape. 

Energizing White Quartz is one of the lightest-colored gemstones we use at La Costa.  It’s quartz and druzy texture is reminiscent of a blanked of just fallen crystal white snow. It is absolutely gorgeous and will definitely attract admiration. It is known to generate energy and light, so don’t be surprised if you have an extra spring in your step, greater motivation, and exhilarating ideas!


White Quartz is also referred to as the “Master Healer” and is found in South Africa,  some metaphysical properties of this gemstone are the amplification of energy and intuition, stimulating clear thinking and bringing clarity to your communication. It is known to bring the body into balance and deflect negative energy.  

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