Spiritual Meaning of Gemstones

Spiritual Meaning of Gemstones

When Marilyn Monroe sang that "Diamonds are girl's best friends", she forgot to mention that about gemstones. Stones, such as Persian Turquoise, White Quartz, Onyx and many others are not only beautiful additions to outfits you wear but also can be healers and spiritual guides. There are 13 different gemstones in La Costa collection presented across the collection and all have unique spiritual qualities. Soraya Thornton, owner and designer of the line, has hand selected each of the stones that she is now working with when creating her beautiful jewelry pieces. 

Some of the most prominent and well known stones are White Quartz, White Opal, Onyx and Baroque Pearl. White Quartz provides energy, White Opal is known for bringing Good Karma, Baroque Pearl, for bringing peace and Onyx is known for bringing power. 

In our tech-obsessed world, where stress levels are rising by the minute, these healing gemstones can help soothe the soul and restore energy. Many crystal healing practitioners suggest carrying these stones around with you throughout the day and what a better way to do that then in a form of beautiful jewelry. 

Practitioners also suggest placing gemstones around the house to improve the energy. Healing gemstones, however cannot be used as a form of medicine in any way. They cannot replace your subscription or a visit to the doctor, but they can and will improve the mood, the attitude and the outlook. 

As mentioned before, different stones have different spiritual properties. When buying, it is important to know what qualities you are looking for and what spiritual improvements you are looking to make within yourself. 

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