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Statement Starfish Ring

Statement Starfish Ring
$ 229.00
Crystal Color & Metal Finish
Crystal, Silver
Crystal, Gold
Black Diamond, Silver
Crystal, Black Rhodium
Hematite, Silver
Hematite, Gold
Crystal, Silver

Show your love of sea life and nature with this brilliant and gorgeous Starfish.  Functional Swarovski crystal clip allows you to clip on/off necklace. 

 A Starfish represents an infinite divine love, it also gives guidance, vigilance, inspiration, brilliance and intuition.

  • Weight is approximately 4.3 grams
  • Size is approximately .6" x .6"
  • Etched .25" thick adjustable band 
  • Fits size 4 - 10 
  • Swarovski™ crystal
  • .925 Sterling Silver solid core
  • Gold is 24K Gold dipped .925 Sterling Silver solid core
  • Dark Blackish finish is Oxidized .925 Sterling Silver solid core