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Diagonal Gem Studs

Diagonal Gem Studs
Diagonal Gem Studs
$ 259.00
Gemstone, Crystal Color & Metal Finish
Green Chrysoprase, Black Diamond & Silver
Onyx, Hematite & Black Rhodium
Emerald, Crystal & Silver
White Quartz, Crystal & Silver
Lapis Lazuli, Crystal & Silver
Baroque Pearl, Gold & Gold
Baroque Pearl, Black Diamond & Silver
Persian Turquoise, Hematite & Black Rhodium
Persian Turquoise, Gold & Gold
Persian Turquoise, Black Diamond & Silver
Labradorite, Black Diamond, Silver
Abalone, Gold & Gold
Abalone, Black Diamond & Silver
Green Chrysoprase, Black Diamond & Silver

The perfect touch to any outfit, these organic diagonal earrings are bound to turn heads.  

  • Each stud weighs approximately 3.3 grams
  • Gemstone stud is approximately .6" diameter
  • Organic gemstone
  • Swarovski™ crystal
  • .925 Sterling Silver precious base metal
  • Gold is 24K Gold dipped .925 Sterling Silver
  • Dark Blackish finish is Oxidized and/or Black Rhodium dipped .925 Sterling Silver