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Dainty Turtley Cute Cufflinks

Dainty Turtley Cute Cufflinks
Dainty Turtley Cute Cufflinks
$ 299.00
Crystal Color & Metal Finish
Crystal, Gold
Hematite, Gold
Hematite, Silver
Crystal, Black Rhodium
Hematite, Gold

These Turtley Cute Cufflinks are sure to get lots of smiles! Let these sweet turtles attract peace, harmony, patience and endurance in your life.  Whether you have a special connection with turtles, live on the coast or they simply bring a smile to your face, they sure are Turtley Cute.  Turtles remind us to focus on the journey of life, not the destination. 🐢

  • Weight is approx. grams
  • Cufflink dimensions:  .75" x .75"
  • Swarovski™ crystal
  • .925 Sterling Silver precious solid core base metal
  • Gold is 24K Gold dipped .925 Sterling Silver solid core
  • Dark Blackish finish is Oxidized  .925 Sterling Silver solid core