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Dainty Faith Ribbon Charm Necklace

Dainty Faith Ribbon Charm Necklace
$ 179.00
Crystal Color & Metal Finish
Rose, Silver
Crystal, Gold
Crystal, Silver
Rose, Black Rhodium
Crystal, Black Rhodium
Rose, Gold
Hematite, Gold
Ruby, Silver
Sapphire, Silver
Ruby, Black Rhodium
Rose, Silver

Show your love and continuous support for your loved ones with Cancer. Help raise awareness and reduce the stigma, through education on symptoms, early detection and treatment. Above all, Faith over Cancer!

  • Small Clip on/off bail
  • Weight is approximately grams
  • Ribbon charm is  Height x Width 
  • Clip is .25" diameter with 1/12" clip aperture
  • Swarovski™ crystal
  • .925 Sterling Silver solid core
  • Gold is 24K Gold dipped .925 Sterling Silver solid core
  • Dark Blackish finish is Oxidized .925 Sterling Silver solid core